The alien chasing, universe saving, interstellar protectors are back. Agents J and K, wait, nope, not this time. J and K have moved on and now the fate of the world and the universe fall on a Valkyrie and Thor. Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemmsworth take over as the lead agents for the new Men in Black and this adventure may prove to be the MiB’s hardest mission yet.

Let’s get into the five reasons why you need to cop Men in Black: International. [CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN YOUR OWN BLU-RAY + LIMITED EDITION MONDO POSTER!]

Give this one an opportunity. I’ve said many times before don’t go off just the Rotten Tomatoes meter, although helpful, sometimes you need to experience it for yourself. Have some fun with this one like you did the other Men in Black movies, I think you’ll definitely enjoy yourself.