[Big Mike first came on the scene as one half of the group The Convicts along with the late Mr. 3-2 and it dropped on the South’s biggest and most respected label Rapalot Records. Mike later became a member of the Geto Boys, put out hit records as a solo artist and even was about to sign with Death Row at one time. Check out some of the highlights from Mike’s appearance on the Murder Master Music Show .]

1. Remembering Mr. 3-2

We met through the label. We was introduced through the label and after that we hit it off and became real close like brothers. We spent alotta time together! When I was doing the Geto Boys album we had just came back from Los Angeles where we were recording at Death row at the time. I came back to Houston to do the Geto Boys project and I wanted to put 3-2 on Straight Gangstaism because I wanted him to get some shine and enjoy that come up as well.


2. The Convicts Almost Put Out A Death Row Records Album

We had already started recording for the label (Death Row) and everything was understood. The deal was intact and everything was situated.I had came back to do the Geto Boys album and Suge gave us the freedom to bounce back and forth and what not. We was definitely going to come together and do another Convicts album but life and grown men having to go their own way and seek out their own path got into the picture. From the time we had arrived in Los Angeles we hit the ground running and started recording. We had quite a few songs that we recorded that were gonna be used for Death Row projects like “Mr. Officer” that I put on the Geto Boys album which was gonna be on The Chronic, and there was other songs like “Straight Gangstaism” which they were considering, but like I said I came back to do the Geto Boys album so I brought that back with me.

3. OG Big Mike Album

It’s gonna have a summer release and its called OG Big Mike because in my book OG represents growth and I’m still here. I wanted to use a title that represents growth. We are gearing up for the new album and getting this videos shot and everything so be on the lookout for that.

4. Geto Boys Project

Who knows what the future holds because a lot of us is still here and you rarely find that. We have the opportunity to get back in the studio and record some music just for the legacy of the group. Every one of us! Everybody! Just for the GB legacy! Do you know ho monumental that would be, that would be epic! I just recorded some music with the Prince Johnny C and it’s ridiculous. When I first got over to the label Johnny-C was a mentor. We spoke about reaching out to the guys and try to do something to secure the legacy! The fans got to get behind that, push for that thing man!

5. Rap-A-Lot Memories

It was home for me! When I look back at it that is where I started at professionally with the music. I got some fine memories of Rapalot recording with the Geto Boys. . It’s part of my history and my foundation and for the most part I did enjoy myself at the label. I was happy to be a part of that history. I wish some things could have been worked out differently and who knows maybe we could have still been making good music together. It was a growing experience and helped set the stage for me to come out and do my solo thing. I learned a lot. It was an awesome experience!

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