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George Zimmerman Shoots Back At $27,000 Security Accusations

Written By S. Samuel

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Florida resident George Zimmerman is reportedly lashing back at publicized reports which claim he owes more than $27,000 to a security company he temporarily hired to protect him earlier this year.

According to Zimmerman’s legal team, unexpected spikes in the billing costs forced him to drop Associated Investigative Services.

Zimmerman’s attorney tells TMZ his client felt “the billing got out of hand quickly. We trusted them to be efficient with their work and they weren’t.” He claims Zimmerman dropped the security team because of concerns about the bills. The attorney adds … Zimmerman’s supporters were paying the tab — through the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund — and he says, “I don’t believe those who have contributed to help George should be taken advantage of by such over-billing.” (TMZ)

Details of the security company’s lawsuit against Zimmerman heated up the Internet this month.

The head of a security company that provided bodyguards for George Zimmerman is suing Zimmerman and his attorney. Bodyguard Chris Rumbaugh said Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara wanted around-the-clock security for his client. He said that O’Mara wanted a two-man detail to watch over Zimmerman. Zimmerman will stand trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. (WFTV)

Although he did pay roughly $40,000, the company claims it is still owed more than $27,000.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Associated Investigative Services filed the lawsuit Friday in Orange County Circuit Court. The company says it was hired in June to provide security for the Zimmerman family but promised payments stopped after an independent trustee took over Zimmerman’s defense fund. Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara says the lawsuit was a surprise and that the company was paid some $40,000. (News One)

With a trial slated for mid-June 2013, Zimmerman is currently freed on bond.

George Zimmerman must remain under 24-hour GPS monitoring while awaiting trial in the fatal shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin and must stay in the county despite the defense’s concerns about his safety, a judge ruled Tuesday (December 11). The defense presented a lengthy bond modification argument to Judge Debra Nelson that included Zimmerman’s probation officer testifying that the former neighborhood watch volunteer was complying with all terms of his release on a $1 million bond. (Huffington Post)

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Written by S. Samuel

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