Former Florida neighborhood watch worker George Zimmerman has people fuming across social media this week after showing off a disturbing picture of late teenager Trayvon Martin.

According to reports, Zimmerman retweeted a picture of a lifeless Martin on Twitter this past weekend.

Though the tweet has now been deleted by Twitter officials, Zimmerman reportedly retweeted the following proclamation that he is a “one man army,” an incendiary statement maddeningly paired with a gruesome photo of Trayvon Martin’s corpse. New York Daily News got the screengrab. (Complex)

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Reports claim Martin also went onto a Twitter rant Monday (September 28).

The man who shot and killed Martin three years ago also gave out an apparent stranger’s phone number, referring “all media inquiries” to the unsuspecting man. “Gee..I sure hate offending people that have plotted and tried to kill me and my family…” Zimmerman wrote with one tweet, with a photo matching President Obama with Virginia murderer Vester Flanagan. (NY Daily News)

The shocking Twitter incident has sparked reactions from various hip-hop artists.