[With the outpouring of support the family of late Maryland man Freddie Gray has received and the city of Baltimore through protests, Chicago rapper Gemstones talks to SOHH about the post-riots and police brutality surrounding him daily.]

We go through this daily with the police out here in Chicago. What you guys are seeing in Baltimore is happening all the time out here.

But now someone finally decided to stand up. I thought it would have happened much sooner. I’m surprised it took so long for this to happen, for the people to stand up.

I tell people I’m conflicted because are you busting those windows out to say you’re tired or are you busting those windows out on that store just to have a reason to snatch a flat screen off the wall.

I’m torn in-between the two. I’m not for the violence but enough is enough. That could have been my little brother. That’s somebody’s son.

I get it when someone says, “We’re not gonna stand it and we’re gonna burn this place down.”

I get it but I’m kind of [conflicted]. Are you marching to really just have a reason to steal a flat screen. You really don’t care what’s going on but you want to break into that Nike store to steal those new Air Jordans.

So that’s where I am with it.

It’s the same thing with the police. Are you just a cop to shoot black people or are you really shooting that gun because you’re really shooting and protecting.

I’m for it but I’m ‘not’ for it.

What’s a police officer’s most dangerous weapon? Their pen. He writes the story. Always remember that.

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