West Coast rapper Game is really ride or die for his mini-me. The hip-hop veteran has hit up social media to share a pic of his daughter Cali Dream flexing at a Las Vegas cheerleader competition.

Game went to Instagram Sunday (December 17) and brought fans a little closer into his personal life.

& look who’s in Vegas bright & early ready to kill their cheer competition….. #DaddysAngel

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Recently, the hip-hop stud hit up IG with an emotional post about fatherhood.

I want to share a little story with all of you about a Father’s love for his little girl….. I had 2 sons that I love(d) with everything God had given me. But they were boys, so my personal life, my decision making, the process of being a dad didn’t alter or change much of anything because I would just say, “ they’re boys.. their tough, my little soldiers, they’ll be okay… & they were so I continued my life in the streets, my career, gang banging, doing dumb shit without thinking all the while being their father, loving & taking care of them the best I knew how… they also had amazing moms to carry the load so my part of being there & supporting was easy. Then…. I watched the birth of my baby girl & when I tell you I tried to hold back every tear in a room full of nurses, a doctor & family… I really did but the joy, excitement, anxiousness & anticipation of what was to come overpowered me & they burst from my eyes running down my cheek like a natural spring & at that point “A MAN” was made ! “A MAN” that was no longer anything he was before that moment. Reborn & dedicated to being the absolute best FATHER to a baby girl that anyone could ever be. From her 1st day on earth, to today’s cheer competition she has been nothing but pure joy & everything beautiful that earth has to offer, I can see every time I look into her eyes. Aye, aye….. & don’t let her smile at you… hmmmmph, you’d be feeling like you won the lottery 100 times over I’m telling you. I don’t know why this picture or this moment I decided to share this but…… I’m so happy that God gave me this baby because she is truly the most amazing little gift I could ever recieve. She loves me & I love her….. it is a love that will last an eternity & it will never change because we are “ONE”. There won’t be a problem in LIFE that I can’t fix for her…. either that or I will die trying, her life has to be PERFECT & im here to ensure her of it…. I am so grateful & honored to be her father….. enjoy your day 🙏🏾 – Cali’s Daddy

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Last week, Game shared public words about the impact Los Angeles wildfires had on his family.

Last month, the hip-hop vet hopped on Instagram with a gushy Thanksgiving Day message to his 8 million followers.