West Coast rapper Game may have pushed back his highly-anticipated The Documentary 2 album amid publicized co-signs and ample celebrity support.

Reports claim the California hip-hop artist quietly changed the project’s drop date.

UPDATE: Game has pushed back the release of the album to October 9. Without announcing specifically, he has changed the date on the artwork posts of his Instagram. Would that mean more money to give away? (HHNM)

October 9th #TheDocumentary2

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October 9th #TheDocumentary2

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Game recently talked about hitting the studio for his upcoming The Documentary 2 album.

“I think if going at Jay Z didn’t hurt my career, then I’ll be alright,” Game said laughing when asked about the pressure to deliver another classic. “From the beginning, I called it The Documentary 2 because it’s 10 years later and I’m working on music and figured, ‘Why not ride the wave?’ I could have gone into like, ‘I’m going to call it ‘Documentary 2′ and cheat the minds of my fans, sell some records, they’re going to buy it,’ – but I’m not that kind of guy. I kind of really dug in, grass-rooted myself to the streets and it’s a little bit different when you’re living good. I always frequent my block.” (Sway’s)

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Game recently said hip-hop mogul Diddy called his highly-anticipated LP his best work to date.

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According to the former G-Unit member, music mogul Dr. Dre recently called his album the best hip-hop project in the past few years.

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