West Coast hip-hop manager Wack 100 has a couple thoughts on Stitches‘ publicized arrest. The rap executive went to social media to speak on his client Game’s past rival.

On Instagram, Wack said hip-hop newcomers should learn from Stit’s run-in with law enforcement.

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Last night, Stitches found himself arrested after cops ran up on him for parking in a grocery store’s handicap spot.

According to the police report, officers spotted the rapper’s Porsche pulling out of a Miami Whole Foods lot Wednesday night. Cops immediately recognized Stitches from previous arrests — he has a unique face — and asked if he had a gun. He said no. However, he did immediately hand over a rolled up, slightly burnt joint … according to cops. When they searched the car, they found a Glock under his seat and 2 magazines of ammo. Cops say he apologized and said he thought they were asking if he had a gun ON him … not IN his car. (TMZ)

Back in May, violent footage surfaced of Stit attacking a fan.

The tussle started when an over-enthusiastic fan in the front row gave the 20-year-old “Brick In Yo Face” rapper a light hit to the stomach in the middle of a performance. Stitches clearly wasn’t with it and squared up with the fan before throwing down a left hand from the stage. Neither of the shots seemed to do much more than aggravate the situation. (HHDX)

Back in February 2016, Stitches concerned fans on social media with some troubling doctor news.

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