Music executive Wack 100 doesn’t play around with the term “legendary” when it comes to hip-hop entertainers. The rap manager has stepped up to call award-winning hip-hop artist Ice Cube worthy of owning the title.

On Saturday, Wack lit up Instagram to explain why the former N.W.A. member is a living legend.

A few days ago, Atlanta rap heavyweight T.I. low-key fired shots at Wack 100 following a back-and-forth social media spat centered on late musician Nipsey Hussle being considered a legend.

This week, T.I. and Meek Mill defended Hussle being considered a rap legend.

In a new “No Jumper” interview, West Coast rapper Blueface didn’t stick around with his manager Wack 100 when asked about his lack of putting up a Hussle tribute immediately following his March death.

“You good? Let me get the f*ck out of here. We ain’t doing no more f*cking interviews,” Blueface said before walking out. (“No Jumper”)