West Coast rapper Game’s manager is not ready for any white flag waving. Wack 100 has responded to music mogul Russell Simmons announcing an end to his client’s feud with rap foe Meek Mill.

Wack went to Instagram Thursday (September 22) and slammed Russell’s proclamation.


Earlier in the day, Simmons jumped on social media to announce the beef’s end.

This week, Game explained his disinterest in wanting to stop the Meek dispute.

“It wasn’t about ‘I want to fight because I don’t like him.’ It was about some things that went on, you know what I’m saying, between me and him, he know, I know. Everybody else didn’t have to get pulled in, but, of course, it’s social media – all of that it goes to this blog and that blog, and it turns into what it is today. I’m just voicing my opinion on a situation that personally affected me. … He ain’t going to fight me. He ain’t going to put himself in a situation where he’s available to fight me. Everybody always wants to say ‘We got guns.'” (Hot 97)

This week, Philadelphia rapper Ar-Ab talked about the difference between East Coast and West Coast feuding.

“It’s entertaining to me,” Ar-Ab said when asked about Meek Mill and Game feuding. “It’s always a rap beef. I just hope that sh*t don’t get violent, man. Understand, it’s two different coasts. LA, there’s real n*ggas out there. A lot of them work out and get buff and can fight. But you’re talking about Philly here. Everything’s the gun. It’s like you’re probably never going to get a fight out of Philly. They’re going to bring a gun. Everything is the gun in Philly.” (This Is 50)