West Coast rapper Game’s manager Wack 100 isn’t holding back. The hip-hop executive has stepped forward to speak out on rap veteran Joe Budden debating rap newcomer Lil Yachty‘s record label status.

New footage has surfaced of Wack going at Joey and revealing he played a major role in delaying Budden’s music at indie record label eOne.

“All these n*ggas wanna know what the next motherf*cker’s doing and they ain’t doing nothing. What you doing n*gga? N*gga gotta drive with a 100 songs on it playing question the other rapper. N*gga here go a question for you, where your deal at? Sh*t. F*ck outta here, n*gga. And then the n*gga tried to get all up in our business mentioning my VP – our business at eOne. N*gga, don’t mention our business. Matter of fact, I’m gonna keep it real with you Joe Budden. I’m the motherf*cking reason why your situation ain’t get no attention, n*gga. Because I went into that motherf*cker and told them, ‘Look. I don’t give a f*ck – who project you on, Joe Budden? Eh listen, y’all want this Game project up in here, cease that sh*t. I need that whole team over there on this Game sh*t. I need the whole building on this Game sh*t.’ N*ggas wanna talk about dropping the ball. Drop the ball on where?”


Earlier this week, Lil Yachty and Joe Budden faced-off to discuss music biz politics.

“So when you come from a college dorm room, with no money, you scamming credit cards, and you ain’t gettin’ no play with no girls, you have no clothes, you have no car and you come to having three or four cars, millions of dollars, half a million dollars on your body just to wear, and any kind of clothes you want, any h*es you want, how can you be upset? And that’s where you have a problem. … First off you said I’m signed to Capitol, correct. Then you basically discredited Capitol for everything we have in hip-hop. Now you know Migos is signed to Capitol? Number one music group. … Just because I’m not hood and street and I’m signed to Capitol does not mean I didn’t come from [Quality Control]. I’m from Atlanta. I have my own concept in how I brand myself and how I make my sh*t pop because I know how to do this sh*t. I don’t have no nice corporate white person in my ear. … I’m happy that I can make you think I got somebody behind me. That lets me know I’m doing the right sh*t the right way.” (Everyday Struggle)


Last week, Joe Budden caught some nasty heat from Yachty’s dad.


A day prior, Yachty responded to Budden with some Twitter trolling.