West Coast rapper Game’s manager Wack 100 has shared his thoughts on hip-hop artist Meek Mill‘s boxing practice footage surfacing online this week.

Instead of applauding Meek’s skills, Wack poked fun at his punches.

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Boxer Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin shared his opinion on his boxing skills this week.

“These guys who just taking boxing as a workout, you can’t be too literal to put up a video when you don’t look that good doing it. I think if you look good, I train with the likes of Swizz Beatz who actually looked pretty good when he’s boxing. This video, in my opinion, is a horrible video. First of all, he’s not hitting hard and he’s not putting his hands back on his chin. He’s punching from his waist and that’s not a good idea to be a boxer, to punch from your waist, because you’re leaving your chin exposed. [In a jail fight?] I think he’s better off going and getting his gun and trying to sneak it into the jail.” (TMZ Sports)

Twitter account @BoxingHype posted up multiple clips of Meek trying to put in work at the gym and taunted his skills this week.