West Coast rapper Game might have a diverse shoe collection but he’s making sure his family laces up with rap star Kanye West‘s help.

The Los Angeles native went to Instagram last night (October 10) and flexed a pair of Kanye’s Yeezy Boost sports cleats.

Recently, NFL superstar DeAndre Hopkins said he would rock the banned cleats if Kanye pays his fines.

Hopkins reportedly received a $6,000 fine for wearing his Yeezy cleats during a game.

Houston Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins received his fine Thursday, for wearing the Adidas shoes designed by Kanye West when his team faced the Chicago Bears. Hopkins was fined $6,000 and said he doesn’t plan on wearing them again, “unless Kanye plans to pay his fine,” according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. (UPI)


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Last month, Hopkins and Denver Broncos’ Von Miller received a pair of customized Yeezy cleats for the rap star.

Next level. Thank you @adidasfballus and Kanye West

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