West Coast rapper Game has reflected on NBA icon Kobe Bryant‘s legacy following a memorable 20-year run in the league.

Game penned an extensive essay in remembrance of Kobe’s record-breaking professional career this week.

“My favorite championship moment is all [five of them] because I’m always in some type of situation, whether it be my house since I came into my own celebrity or before when I’d be at a random bar or at a friend’s house. There’s always some naysayers, always somebody hating on the Lakers and saying what Kobe wouldn’t be able to do without Shaq. Then Shaq leaves and here comes Pau Gasol and Kobe does it a few more times. Then it’s like, “Oh, Kobe always has to have a big man.” It’s like you get to a point where you have to start saying that Jordan couldn’t do it by himself, he wouldn’t do without [Scottie] Pippen, and [Toni] Kukoč, and Steve Kerr and so forth.” (Billboard)

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The NBA fanatic also thanked Kobe for the memories.

“My final words to Kobe and you know I’ll be there in attendance, but my final words would be a simple, “thank you.” Not only for myself as a friend, as a brother. For almost 15 of the 20 years that I’ve known Kobe, he’s always been 100 with me and my children and always going out of his way to make sure they have a signed shoe. From that, trickling on down to just kids, the shoes, being able to be somebody that is a role model for people all around the world to look up to. We’re talking about a man in a league where the competition has become more fierce every year, and the players get younger and faster and stronger, and still being able to be as great as he is. Again, in short, I’d just like to say, “Thank you.”” (Billboard)

Game also remembered the Black Mamba on his Instagram page.


A moment my sons will cherish forever !!! #MambaDay #KB20

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Farewell friend: what an amazing 20 years you gave the city of Los Angeles… I hope I speak for us all when I say you were & will always be a great asset to our city, the game of basketball on & off the NBA court as well as an inspiration to athletes & future athletes all across the world. An amazing father, role model & a class act all the way around the board. I thank you from my family, especially my sons who idolize you & appreciate the photo's, signed kicks, jerseys & the pep talks…. You did what you came to do & we all witnessed YOUR GREATNESS !!! & what better way to end a phenomenal career than score 60 points in front of your home crowd & get the W…… Congrats champ, you deserve it & again thank you, from the bottom of my heart & wish you & your family well on your journeys from here on…. Your brother & friend – The Game #MambaDay #KB20 #Lakers4Life

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Fellow West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar has already paid homage to Bryant’s legacy this week with a tribute video.

Between Tuesday and Kobe Bryant’s final game on Wednesday night, you’ll see an endless stream of tributes to the Los Angeles Lakers legend (and that’s as it should be). But it’s possible none of them will match this awesomeness: Kendrick Lamar — with help from ESPN’s Scoop Jackson — doing a poem about the guard along with some of his greatest shots, posterizings and on-court moments. (USA Today)

Dipset leader Cam’ron reacted to Kobe’s retirement announcement back in November.

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