West Coast rapper Game has an unforgettable face. The hip-hop veteran went online this week to reveal how his head top helped him.

Big Facts

On Monday, the Los Angeles native shared some must-see footage. In the clip, Game reveals how his face tattoos assisted him out of a run-in with police.

Budapest’s police got behind the rari doing 90 on a main street… hopped out on us 6 deep, saw the face & got they mind right….. #RIPWOO

High-Key Details

On Monday, the Los Angeles native went to Instagram with his pricey-looking chains. One of the gold pieces included a Tupac Shakur pendant.

“My mama said travel light, you only gone for a month….”

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Game reflected on packing his bags for an overseas run. He also gave a major shout-out to the United Kingdom’s Wales.

Before You Go

Finally, the 40-year-old recently shared a tour highlight clip. The footage featured Game’s packed Manchester concert stop.