West Coast rapper Game is really getting fans hyped about new music. The hip-hop veteran has hit up social media with a shot of himself getting in some in-studio work.

The Los Angeles native went to Instagram Thursday (January 11) with a lab pic.

“Lost a lil weight, left came back, it’s all Gucci Mane” 📷 @iamkevinwong

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A few days ago, Game hit up social media to alert followers of new music coming together.

B/W vibes. @drepic

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& here we are….. in the golden years of what has been an amazing career to say the least…. this is the process I enjoy the most…. THE BEGINNING of a new project, new energy, new concept, new feel. I have a history of amazing projects & my body of work speaks for itself… my beat selection is impeccable & my bars… well, my fans know my track record…. so, get ready to take yet another ride down victory lane as I start a new project today…. & to my fans, my TRUE, CORE FANS: let me know what you want to hear & toss ideas out on which producers & artist you want to see & hear me work with & I will mix that with my own thoughts & create something magical…. I owe you guys everything in the world for the endless love & support… I thank you, now let’s fuckin get it !!!!!!!!! [🎥 @drepic] shout my big brother @raekwon for the boss convo & the vibe 📟

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I’m happiest inside these 4 walls. @drepic

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Recently, Game credited rappers Slim Thug and Jim Jones for helping his workout grind.


Last week, Game challenged his millions of fans to join him on a 60-day fitness plan.