Game’s “Block Wars” Trailer Is Guns-Blazin’ [Video]

Written By Cyrus Langhorne
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West Coast rapper Game’s new Block Wars mobile game has finally arrived after weeks of growing anticipation. Check out the trailer below!

Block Wars transports players into a world rarely explored in mainstream gaming. A sprawling, multiplayer universe where money, power, and respect are everything. Block Wars turns players into the leader of their neighborhood block. Players build and protect their block while plotting to expand into their rivals territory.

Block Wars Produced by Bongo
Freeway Produced by Goodguydez
Get High Produced by Jelly Roll
Alameda Produced by SAP
Gutter Produced by Goodguydez
Uzis and Grenades ft. Lorrine Chia Produced by Bongo
Lights Go Out Produced by Goodguydez
Run It Produced by Goodguydez
Bullet with Your Name On It Produced by SAP
Murder Produced by Goodguydez

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne


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