West Coast rapper Game knows he’s hurting the most with California on an extended lockdown through the summer. The hip-hop veteran went online with a hilarious Allen Iverson meme expressing how he’s looking in quarantine.

Game Over

This past weekend, the Los Angeles native shared a throwback shot of the retired Philadelphia 76ers legend. Game hinted at the serious need for a haircut.

“How I look in the mirror every morning during quarantine.” -Game’s Instagram

Pull Up

In early May 2020, Game went online to share a look at his fancy Lamborghini. He also joked about driving down the street becoming his latest hobby during the coronavirus epidemic.

“Driving down the street acting like I got somewhere to go & coming back home has become a hobby 🤣😷 #StayHome#StaySafe” -Game’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In April 2020, Chuck Taylor channeled his inner model. The California native shared a shot of himself rocking some Fashion Nova men’s apparel and promised more of these types of pics to come while standing in front of a red Lamborghini.

“She said she hate n*ggas wit six packs… I said, give them muscle neck n*ggas a chance, while warming up my pop-tarts…. handsome fat boy sh*t this week in my @fashionnovamen #QuarantineLife#GymRightThere #PopTartsCloserTho#OpenUpOutsideNowBihhhhh#ImGoneEatHerLikeTheGroceryStoreLockedUp 🤷🏾‍♂️” -Game’s Instagram

Before You Go

Recently, the Los Angeles rap heavyweight shared a glimpse at his customized iPhones. He shared a pic showing off phones customized after American Express credit cards.

“Game got iced out 💳 .” -SOHH’s Instagram