West Coast rapper Game has threatened producer Alchemist over downplaying his new 20-minute freestyle, “400 Bars.”

Writing via Twitter, Al initially shared his reaction to the rapper’s underground record.

“400 bars=snooze. Less is more.,” he wrote yesterday (April 17) afternoon. “I just got jumped by 75 bloods at the 7-11. thanx alot @ihategame. Twitter is powerful!” (The Alchemist’s Twitter)

Game responded with his own Twitter message toward Al.

“@AlanTheChemist you already know me ALAN, don’t get ya teeth knocked out !!! then you can Snooze 4 real !,”Game wrote on Twitter. “#DoctorWho over prescribed these n!ggas, they outta they mind.” (Game’s Twitter)

The rapper’s freestyle track also caught the attention of fellow West Coast artist Jay Rock.

“I GET ON TWITTER N EVERYBODY HITTING ME SAYN @ihategame GETTING @ ME IN HIS FREESTYLE. SAME AS CUBE, N*GGAS NEED TO HAVE BALLS TO SAY NAMES,” he wrote Thursday (April 15). “IM NOT SCARED TO GO AGAINST NOBODY ALL N*GGA HAVE TO DO IS SAY MY NAME AND ITS ON WITH WHO EVER .I DONT FEEL I NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO NO1 RT @september7th: @jayrock F*ck it, if that’s true it means you’re doin something right & you’ll have 2 be credited sooner than later. S …” (Jay Rock’s Twitter)

Game’s record landed online early Thursday afternoon.

Over the wistful, soul-sampled Just Blaze beat that backed Jay Electronica‘s Booth-acclaimed Exhibit C, the Left Coast heavyweight empties out his rhyme book, spitting extensively about his cars, his mic skills, his beef with G-Unit, and pretty much everything else under the sun. Though its epic length may scare off the faint of heart, this freestyle succeeds in proving that Game has lyrics for days (and days, and days). (DJ Booth)

Check out a portion of Game’s “400 Bars” below: