West Coast rapper Game is still taking shots at hip-hop rival Young Thug weeks after going at each other’s necks on social media.

According to reports, Game called out Thugger in an interview this week.

The Game can’t stop dissing Young Thug. Just a week after The Game dissed Thugger on Skee TV during the performance of “Hate It Or Love It” (“Since I was 10 years old, I was a young Blood/These days y’all niggas got Young Thug), the LA MC popped up on Big Boy TV for an interview and took another shot at Thug. Besides answering silly questions like if he’d ever hooked up with a woman from Instagram, The Game was asked to name three rappers for a fictional group called Wack MCs. “The lead singer is Young Thug. For sure,” said The Game. (XXL Mag)

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Game dissed Thug during a taping of “Skee TV Live” last week.

“Since I was 10 years old, I was a young Blood. These days y’all n*ggas got Young Thug,” rapped Game. “Y’all rappers wear skirts. My rappers type of rappers used to put n*ggas in a hearse. Since I was 10, I was a young Blood. These days y’all n*ggas got Young Thug. Y’all favorite rappers wear skirts. My favorite rappers used to put motherf*ckers in a hearse.” (Skee TV Live)


Game poked fun at Thugger in an Instagram post in late September.

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Thugger wasted little time and lashed back at Game with an Instagram post.

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