West Coast rapper Game is going to have to try a little harder to get a new trial in his multi-million dollar sexual assault case. New reports claim the hip-hop heavyweight is still in the hole in a $7 million judgement.

According to gossip buzz, Game did not receive the green light to have a new trial due to the way he filed his request.

A judge shot down Game’s request to reduce the damages he was ordered to pay after losing his sexual assault case … all over a technicality in how he filed the paperwork. It looks like Game didn’t “present” the motion the right way, and left out important info — like hearing dates and times … basic stuff the court needs to even consider the request. The good news for Game is he can refile the motion — so he still has a shot to state his case in court, like he originally wanted to do. (TMZ)

Back in November, details surfaced about Game’s hefty legal woe.

An Illinois court ruled in favor of Priscilla Rainey, who sued Game … alleging he sexually assaulted her while shooting a reality show in 2015. A judgment was entered against him late last week for $7.13 million. During the case, the judge denied Rainey access to Game’s financial records to find out his net worth. Whatever that number is … it looks like it will be $7 mil less. We’re told Game plans to appeal. (TMZ)

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