West Coast rapper Game is counting his blessings. The hip-hop star has reacted to avoiding jail time in a publicized off-duty police officer assault case.

In a new interview, the Los Angeles native admitted he initially felt jail had his name written all over it.

“The American justice system is OK with me. It’s like, I thought I was going to jail but as the case progressed and the witnesses started to come forward and whatnot, I guess it just got week and [the prosecutor] offered a deal. Any deal that doesn’t have jail time in it for me is, I had to take it. I felt my lawyer could have ate them up in trial and I could have ended up with lesser charges at the end – but I had to do what I had to do.” (TMZ)

Details surfaced Monday (February 6) about Game avoiding jail time by agreeing to a probation sentence in his 2015 assault suit.

He also got 120 days community service, 26 anger management classes and 180 days jail time … which was suspended. He’ll now have to keep his nose clean for the 3 years or those 180 days in jail could come back to bite him. You’ll recall … Game socked Onyebuchi Awaji during the March 2015 game in an L.A. gym. (TMZ)

As of late, Game has focused his social media attention on family topics.

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A few days ago, Game released an open message to fathers across the world.

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