West Coast rapper Game is really on his daddy duties. The hip-hop veteran has celebrated his daughter turning into a certified mainstream model.

The Los Angeles native hit up Instagram Tuesday (December 4) with a shot of Cali Dream donning Gucci attire.

Over the past few years, Game has shared various Cali model shots.

The Game might have a little problem on his hands because his daughter Cali Lynn Dream is growing up and she is absolutely gorgeous. From time-to-time, The Game blesses us with photos of Cali. With her beautiful eyes, full hair, and unique style, it’s no wonder she averages over 50,000 likes a picture. From trolling her Instagram, it looks like her parents knew what they were doing getting her into modeling because she. is. killing. it (VH1)

Over the past few days, the hip-hop artist has stayed busy soaking in his 39th birthday.