West Coast rapper Game is proud of his Compton roots and is letting the world know it. The hip-hop veteran went to social media this week to spread an open message about his hometown.

Game jumped on Instagram Wednesday (January 4) with a throwback picture and caption about his pre-fame days.


Earlier this week, the hip-hop artist shared his New Year’s resolution.


Last month, footage emerged of Game announcing his final album plans.

“When I get back to L.A. man I’m going straight to jail because I had a f*cking fight with a police officer and sh*t. So I’ma sit down and I’m gonna write my next album which is probably going to be my last album. It’s called West Side Story. It’s gonna be some ill sh*t. But I don’t really give a f*ck about that. All I give a f*ck about is my music, my kids, my fans, and my family man. That’s why I still travel the world to come and see y’all. I’m from f*cking Compton. I’m all the way in f*cking Russia.”

Recently, Game had a new trial request rejected in a publicized $7 million sexual assault case.

A judge shot down Game’s request to reduce the damages he was ordered to pay after losing his sexual assault case … all over a technicality in how he filed the paperwork. It looks like Game didn’t “present” the motion the right way, and left out important info — like hearing dates and times … basic stuff the court needs to even consider the request. The good news for Game is he can refile the motion — so he still has a shot to state his case in court, like he originally wanted to do. (TMZ)