West Coast rapper Game is all about positive vibes. The hip-hop veteran has hit up social media to share an inspirational message with late pop icon Michael Jackson‘s help.

The Los Angeles native went to Instagram Monday (June 4) with a major salute to MJ and words about fans being in control of their own destiny.

A few weeks ago, Game shared an inspirational pic to show fans what $1 million cash looks like.

Recently, buzz developed about Game landing a multi-million dollar deal.

The rapper’s teaming with LINX Vapor to make the gear, which they’re calling LINX x TREES by Game. He already has a brand of cannabis called TREES … so, pretty easy to follow the name choices. Even if you’re high. Game’s scoring $3.5 million for a 3-year licensing deal. And we’re told he’s projected to make another $15 to $20 mil over that period because he has a 10-percent stake in company profits. (TMZ)

The West Coast native also went to his IG page to confirm the new deal.


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