West Coast rapper Game is giving fans an up-close look into his lifestyle. The hip-hop veteran went online this weekend to share pics of himself living it up in Dubai.

Big Facts

Over the past few hours, the Los Angeles native has shared shots in a Dubai desert. The pics also included a shot of himself in a restaurant venue.

“Out the mud with it”

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Out the mud wit it.

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Game shares lit Dubai moment in the desert

“I am the vibe.”

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I am the vibe.

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Game shares lit Dubai moment in a restaurant venue

“You’d have to be here to understand.”

Game swims in the Dubai ocean

High-Key Details

On Monday, the California rapper went to Instagram with a pricey-looking chains. One of the gold pieces included a Tupac Shakur pendant.

“My mama said travel light, you only gone for a month….”

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Game reflected on packing his bags for an overseas run. He also gave a major shout-out to the United Kingdom’s Wales.

Before You Go

Just became Game swims in oceans and stays in the studio doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. The 40-year-old recently shared a tour highlight clip. The footage featured the rap star’s packed Manchester concert stop.