West Coast rapper Game is far from local. The hip-hop star went online this week to give fans an up-close look at just how lit he made things on his overseas Born 2 Rap tour.

Big Facts: Early Friday, the Los Angeles native shared a teaser clip of his decked-out Manchester, England show.

On A Related Note: A few days ago, Game hit up social media to show just how much love he gets in Los Angeles at a Born 2 Rap concert.

Wait, There’s More: Recently, the rap veteran linked up with fellow hip-hop heavyweight Megan Thee Stallion.

Before You Go: Over the past few days, Game has remembered the life of late NBA icon Kobe Bryant.

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#MarathonMonday Wow…… the amount of disbelief I feel surrounding yesterday is unexplainable. We are truly living in sad times. My heart is broken for Kobe’s wife & his daughters. Losing her husband & a daughter….. & them losing their sister & father. The term “Life Is Short” has a whole new meaning after witnessing the energy in this city surrounding the news of losing not only one of our basketball greats, but also an amazing human being. It’s really like, one second you kinda have a grip on life & how to live it…. then the next second you’re totally lost as to what’s really going on here on earth. What do we do ? What do we not do ? How should we live….. ? What steps should we take to secure making just the short trip to the next day ? We are living in scary & confusing times people. My only advice to anyone now is to let anyone you love know exactly how much you love them. & don’t wait… you might not have the time you think you do to put it off another second. Every day you wake is a blessing in itself….. please do not take it for granted. Live your life & be proud of everything that you are. You can only be judged by God so walk with your head held high & never forget that you too were born to achieve greatness. If you ever need affirmation of how special you are, just research the odds of what it took for you to be born. We should do a lot more appreciating one another & spend less time consumed by negativity. Living happily is so important to the well being of the human anatomy. In the picture above, I see two LEGENDS, two BROTHERS, two SONS, two FATHERS & two men I had the honor of calling FRIEND. Thank you both for your continuous efforts & all the contributions to not only Los Angeles but the entire world. Two names people are for sure to remember forever. Not even a full year after losing Nip… Kobe’s gone. You couldn’t tell me this was going to be the story we’d have to write when this picture was taken. I have endless love for you both & I will always honor your memories. Condolences to the families of the others lost in the crash as well… my heart & the hearts of us all are with them during this tragic time. #TheMarathonContinues 🙏🏾

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