West Coast rapper Game shared a handful of thoughts on how he views today’s rap game this week and called rap star Kendrick Lamar the new version of veteran emcee Nas.

Game released a Top 10 list of his current thoughts on Instagram early Monday (February 28).

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Check out what LeBron James and French Montana recently had to say about Kendrick Lamar on the next page…

Last week, NBA superstar LeBron James publicly asked Top Dawg Entertainment head Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith to put out some unreleased Kendrick music.

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Recently, Top Dawg revealed he had some stashed Lamar tunes on Twitter.

Last week, Bad Boy Entertainment’s French Montana talked about Kendrick’s hip-hop takeover.

“They position him like they did on the Grammys as the new music. It’s not that it’s not the right thing to do, you see the whole thing was like Kendrick’s night. [To Pimp A Butterfly] doesn’t sound like nothing that’s out, the whole hip-hop game don’t sound like that. He took that one step to the left. That’s not what you’re listening to all the time. … I just feel they position it as the new face of hip-hop – they put him on that platform to shift music to that direction. … With these new artists, I don’t know their life story. I love the music but I’m not fully [up on them]. That’s a difference between now and where I feel music should be. It’s more of a song. The artist became the song. It’s no lifestyle.” (“The Breakfast Club”)