West Coast rapper Game has come forward to speak out on his publicized cancelled Australia tour and explained the real reason behind him having to ditch the overseas run.

According to Game, past crimes most likely sparked his issues with Australia’s immigration authority.

The Game says the Australian Dept. of Immigration and Boarder Protection sugar coated the reason he was denied entry into the country … Game says it was because of his criminal past. He was set to do 4 shows in Oz this week but the shows had to be cancelled. Game has been charged with several crimes, and pled no contest to felony weapons charges a few years back. (TMZ)

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Weekend reports claimed Game had to ditch an overseas tour due to immigration issues.

Game arrived down under Friday with his crew, but they did even get out of the airport. The Dept. of Immigration and Border Protection tells TMZ, they ordered Game to leave the country because he didn’t have the proper visa. The rapper was set to do 4 shows in Oz starting Monday. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, Game went into an epic rant on his Instagram page over a $10 million lawsuit.

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The California native continued to blast his victim on Instagram with a separate post.

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