West Coast rapper Game doesn’t see today as just Memorial Day for military veterans. The hip-hop star went to social media to pay homage to late friend and fellow musician Nipsey Hussle.

For his latest Marathon Monday post, Game reflected on Hussle’s legacy and what he meant for hip-hop.

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#MarathonMonday as we wake, show appreciation & celebrate the lives of all the fallen soldiers nationwide….. let me carve out a section of your day to acknowledge & honor our own soldier “The Great Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom. A soldier for the people. His people. He gave everything he was to the betterment of his neighborhood & city paving the way for a continuous streak of light, positivity & motivation in all of us to be better than we were before & after his passing. I can’t speak for everyone but from the energy I’ve witnessed in those around me & those I have daily interactions with on & off social media I can feel & see his spirit, strength & emanation everywhere. Some days I have moments where I yet again question why & how our brother was taken at a point in his life where he was on the pinnacle of reaching his true greatness & then I bring myself back to the understanding of life & it’s cycle. One day we will all parish as all living things must die & with that thought there is a spark that goes off in my mind that puts everything into perspective for me making it easier to see what my daily mission is. I guess for me, the only way to live is to be as loving & as positive as possible. And although I’m nowhere near perfect, I now have the tools to fight even the most negative days or situations. That, I can thank bro for. Our soldier, who gave his life in what I can only describe as a prophecy after knowing him personally & then getting to know him even more after his untimely demise. Wise beyond his years & just an amazing soul. I love you bro, I wish you were here & I am also in full assimilation of God’s plan. Switching gears, I also again want to give love to families that have lost soldiers in both the military & on the streets worldwide. To be forced from the world while fighting for something you believe in will never go unappreciated. #HappyMemorialDay #TheMarathonMostDefinitelyContinues 🏁

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Yesterday, Hussle’s girlfriend Lauren London and his longtime friend YG remembered his life.

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Never could I ever Forget. I miss you so much .

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Earlier this month, Lauren went to Instagram with three pics of herself and Hussle.

A few hours prior, Lauren celebrated Nipsey’s posthumous “Higher” music video premiere.