West Coast rapper Game isn’t even close to missing a beat on his Nipsey Hussle daily posts. The Los Angeles native has once again returned to Instagram to reflect on the hip-hop community losing the 33-year-old to gun violence.

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Ate dinner with @dopeitsdom & @cobbysupreme1 last night & we talked about the old times. The tour, the laughs, the fun we had just being young & excited about being out the hood & getting money to do something we loved. 40 shows, all over the US…. We stressed @weworking the fuck out daily & he got so many calls about us smoking weed in hotels, slap boxing matches they thought was real fights etc…. so many memories & good times to talk about, we ended up being the last people out the restaurant. We ate like bosses too !!! Steak lobster & shrimp on some Soprano shit lol.. & it was fire as fuck on me !!! @dopeitsdom tried to get the check like he always do, just being the stand up nigga he is…. but I couldn’t let em do that…. I gotta look out for all our niggas…. & not just monetarily, but spiritually & mentally as well so we all have the strength & energy needed to keep up the good fight out here in these streets… Niggas miss you homie & like me, they too are still in disbelief. Doesn’t seem real no matter how many pics, murals, posts, dedications & words I see. With the love, inspiration & education you had to give all those around you…You was supposed to live to be a 100 years old. Woke up late today, cause we had the drinks flowing last night in your memory & I got a little lit… smoked some Marathon OG on the way home & played “Dedication” on repeat til I pulled up to the house. Got out the car & threw a dub up at the sky… I know you see me bro….. & I see you !!! #LongLiveKingNip #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway

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