West Coast rapper Game has shared his reaction to convicted felon Dexter Isaac coming forward and confession to the near-fatal 1994 shooting of the late Tupac Shakur.

Talking to radio host Angie Martinez, Game said too much time has passed to focus to feed into the hype.

“I’m saying in ’94, when that supposedly had happened, I was 13 so I didn’t know nothing about that,” Game explained. “I was in the seventh, eighth grade doing my thing. So I’m far removed from that. I don’t know what happened. I ain’t know Jimmy [Henchman], I ain’t know Pac, I ain’t know nobody. All I knew is trying to play basketball and work hard in school and probably on a bike chasing some girls. Now, it’s 2011. ‘Pac has been passed. I got Tupac tatted on my arm. I ride for the west and it is what it is…It’s just the accusation. The dude who said that is facing life in prison, trying to get his term down. Cats will do anything to see the light of day again.” (Hot 97)

Last week, G-Unit’s 50 Cent also recently weighed in on the unexpected confession.

“I think whoever dude saying he was involved, I don’t know why he would say that right now. I think they’re upset with [musicmogul] Jimmy [Rosemond]. Because at this point, the statute of limitations would be up on that kind of situation, and he’s saying it without actually damaging his credibility of being a rat by saying the statute of limitation’s up. He was saying that he just feels bad about it, but he knows that Jimmy has some terrible legal problems right now. So to say that is just piling it on him. He’s done, they’re going to wash him up, Flex.” (Hot 97)

Last week, music executive Jimmy Henchman’s attorney denied Isaac’s claims of performing the shooting for him.

“It’s a flat out lie,” Rosemond’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman told the Daily News. “Dexter Isaac is not claiming this 17 years later to clear his conscience. He’s doing it because he’s told anybody who will listen he doesn’t want to die in prison. He has kids and wants to work off his sentence. He can’t be trusted.” (New York Daily News)

In other Pac-related news, producers behind Shakur’s upcoming biopic have landed the rights to make a Black Mafia Family film.

In case you aren’t familiar with one of the men Rick Ross thinks he is on the song “Blowin’ Money Fast (BMF),” the producers of the biopic Tupac, have been granted the rights to make a film about Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, the head of the Black Mafia Family. Producers L.T. Hutton and David Robinson are on board and ready to get the script together. “We have a passion and enthusiasm in bringing Big Meech’s story to the big screen,” commented Hutton. “We’re working closely with Meech and Tammy Cowins to make sure every aspect of the story is done correctly. (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out Game’s interview below: