West Coast rapper Game is all about the birthday vibes. The hip-hop veteran has saluted a few friends celebrating their born days and explained their impact on his life.

Over the past few hours, the Los Angeles native has shared some major love for a few of his longtime pals.

Yesterday, Game went to Instagram to remember late rap legend Nipsey Hussle and promote confidence to his 10.9 million followers.

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#MarathonMonday Top of the week, 6:49am in the morning in Los Angeles & I’m UP UP !!!! 1st, I wanna thank the powers that be for waking us all up today giving us yet another day to achieve greatness while on this short road called life. 2nd, I’d like to ask you a question…. how much do you love YOU ? Do you love yourself enough to believe you can accomplish what you set out to ? Do you love yourself enough to push through all the negativities in life & keep a positive mindset ? Do you love yourself enough to motivate YOU to be a better person today ? & lastly, do you love yourself enough to spread love to others ??? I do !!! That is the sole purpose of my message today. To help you realize how attainable things are in life once you 1st put the energy into loving you & then spread it outward. The blessings will pour over endlessly & I can promise you will start to see things come together in all aspects of your life. Stop putting all your faith in material things. Those things will be there for you. Money ??? I remember when I didn’t have much at all… I used to rob & steal for it which kept me in basically the same position, broke or almost broke when the quick fix ran out. Once I put my plan to become a rapper in to motion, it was less than 12 months from writing my 1st rap to Dr. Dre writing me a check for a million dollars !!! I changed my mental state. Stop thinking the next persons shit should be yours & carve your own piece of the pie. What we doin ??? We wasting another day telling ourselves “We can’t” or “This is too hard” ??? As soon as you do that, you are defeated & trust & believe someone else is out there gettin they shit right ! So again, be thankful for the day & let’s take the another step into the realm of SELF EMPOWERMENT. Trust me, no one will be there for you like YOU. #TheMarathonContinues 🏁🙏🏾 #LongLiveHussleAndMakavelli

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Over the weekend, Game went to IG to speak on the uneasiness surrounding him since Nipsey had his life taken away on March 31.

Recently, West Coast producer Mustard went to his IG page with some behind the scenes in-studio Nipsey moments.