West Coast rapper Game needs a moment of silence. The hip-hop star has reportedly lost his father at the age of 65.

According to reports, George Taylor died Wednesday (January 17) unexpectedly in his sleep.

We’re told a family member found him unresponsive in his home in Apple Valley, CA … and alerted a neighbor who called 911. The Fire Dept. arrived at 8:30 AM this morning. He was unresponsive, and transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. We’re told, at this point, It doesn’t appear there’s any foul play. The coroner’s office has George’s body now, and is investigating. (TMZ)

This past weekend, Game went to social media to hype up fans about having fresh music on deck.

Can’t wait for the moment you can hear this shit. 📷 @kernseyeview

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A few days ago, Game hit up social media to alert followers of new music coming together.

“Lost a lil weight, left came back, it’s all Gucci Mane” 📷 @iamkevinwong

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B/W vibes. @drepic

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& here we are….. in the golden years of what has been an amazing career to say the least…. this is the process I enjoy the most…. THE BEGINNING of a new project, new energy, new concept, new feel. I have a history of amazing projects & my body of work speaks for itself… my beat selection is impeccable & my bars… well, my fans know my track record…. so, get ready to take yet another ride down victory lane as I start a new project today…. & to my fans, my TRUE, CORE FANS: let me know what you want to hear & toss ideas out on which producers & artist you want to see & hear me work with & I will mix that with my own thoughts & create something magical…. I owe you guys everything in the world for the endless love & support… I thank you, now let’s fuckin get it !!!!!!!!! [🎥 @drepic] shout my big brother @raekwon for the boss convo & the vibe 📟

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I’m happiest inside these 4 walls. @drepic

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Recently, Game credited rappers Slim Thug and Jim Jones for helping his workout grind.