West Coast rapper Game made sure to pull up on Instagram this week. The hip-hop star made his return to social media with his first post since October 19.

The rap veteran went to Instagram Friday (November 24) with a late Thanksgiving message to his followers.

In mid-October, Game issued a statement to deny a teen pregnancy rumor.

“This story is a lie made up by a child whom I’ve never met nor talked to in my life. I wish big media outlets would stop giving inaccurate news & liars a platform to tarnish their brand & make them look like the Enquirer.” (Complex)


The hip-hop heavyweight also went to Instagram to address the gossip.

Recently, a report surfaced about Game going off social media to deal with the alleged pregnancy issue.

The Game got a 15 year old pregnant in the UK. For months the rumor has been circulating about him getting the girl pregnant but no one had any receipts. Today, we spoke to the young girl and she confirmed that she just had the baby. The girl claims The Game got her pregnant but he didn’t know she was 15 years old. The girl tells us that she was in a club that required an I.D showing at-least the age of 18. The girl says she had a fake I.D and got in so The Game didn’t have a clue she was a kid. (Fameolous Daily)