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Game Links Up W/ West Coast O.G., Pays Homage To Nate Dogg [Video]

Written By S. Samuel

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West Coast rapper Game has showed love to the late Nate Dogg by teaming up with hip-hop veteran Warren G for their new “Party We Will Throw Now” music video.

The Nate Dogg-driven visual ode premiered on the Internet Sunday (August 19).

Today (August 19) would have been the late Nate Dogg’s birthday. In celebration, frequent collaborator Warren G has issued a music video for their posthumous collaboration “Party We Will Throw Now,” which also features West Coast rapper Game. The clip opens with G exhaling a smoke cloud shaped like Dogg’s face and also the phrase “R.I.P.” It’s not all fancy post-production tricks, however, as the rest of the video sees the artists delivering their verses in a model-filled warehouse. (Exclaim)

Back in May, Warren talked to SOHH about the song’s origin.

“This is a record that I had which me and Nate Dogg had did. I just wanted to set it off for my homeboy, letting people know that Nate Dogg is still here and his music is going to live through me. I knew I wanted a younger cat on the record with me just to show that we got unity with the younger artists also. So I asked Game to get on it and he was down. I texted him the other day and I told him, “Yo Game, we got us one.” (SOHH Guest Star)

He also stressed the importance of keeping his longtime friend’s music presence alive.

“This is a big record right here. “Party Will Throw Now” is really huge especially out here in Los Angeles. It’s getting blown up out here. I have to give a big shout-out to Power 106 because that’s like our main station and they’ve been going ham. This is the first Nate Dogg that’s been heard in a long time that’s him. It’s been a long time and the home front has been playing it. I’ve been getting calls from all over about the record saying it’s a real dope record and it’s going to make a lot of noise.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Shortly after his passing last year, Game released his own Nate Dogg tribute.

Shortly after Nate Dogg’s unexpected passing, Game pours out a little liquor for the fallen G-Funk pioneer on “All Doggs Go to Heaven (R.I.P. Nate Dogg).” On the emotional cut, the Compton rapper recalls some of his most cherished moments with Nate, while snippets from his famous hooks are sprinkled throughout the chorus. Listen to Game bare his soul on the heartfelt tribute. (Rap-Up)

Check out the “Party We Will Throw Now” music video below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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