West Coast rapper Game can breathe again. New reports claim the hip-hop star’s publicized arrest warrant is now dropped.

According to reports, the Los Angeles native no longer has to worry about U.S. Marshals coming after him in a sexual assault case.

The federal judge in his sexual assault lawsuit yanked the warrant after Game’s attorneys handed over the financial documents that have been requested more than 3 weeks ago. TMZ broke the story … the judge gave Game 48 hours to hand over several records, and when he didn’t … the judge issued the warrant. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, reports emerged about Game facing a possible arrest over a sexual assault case.

Game’s been lagging on producing a ton of documents in the sexual assault lawsuit he lost nearly 2 years ago. According to docs, a federal judge has ordered him to hand over a bunch of documents … including his financial records, but he hasn’t. An arrest warrant has been issued, but the judge has given him until Friday at noon, Central Time to turn over the records. If he doesn’t, The Game’s got a date with the U.S. Marshals … whether he wants it or not. (TMZ)

In August, reports emerged about Game having to pay over $30,000 to Viacom to cover legal bills related to his “She’s Got Game” show.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the judge granted Viacom’s motion for attorney fees and ordered The Game to pay a total of $32,528.80. The company had been seeking a little over $35k, so Game got off a little easy. (The Blast)

Back in June, the hip-hop veteran had his multi-million lawsuit against Viacom dismissed.

The Game has come out the loser in his legal maneuver against Viacom. The rapper, who filed a $20 million lawsuit against Viacom last year over a contestant on his VH1 dating series “She’s Got Game,” was shot down Tuesday by a judge who granted Viacom’s motion to strike the complaint. In the suit, the rapper — real name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor — said that Priscilla Rainey was allowed on the show despite a doctor cautioning about her volatile past. (The Wrap)