West Coast rapper Game made sure to return to enemy territory this weekend. The Los Angeles native paid Philadelphia another visit amid his blazing feud with hometown rapper Meek Mill.

Game went to Instagram and boasted about going into Meek’s neck of the woods.

After his visit, one of Meek’s affiliates tried to expose Game and claim he didn’t go to North Philly.


Shortly after the clip went viral, the West Coast rapper jumped on IG and responded.

This nigga #meesha side bitch @tak215 gone show up 3 hours after we bounce talkin bout niggas ain't come there…. boy if you don't take yo fat black ass to sleep & get some rest so u can wake up early & wash meesha nuts for eem'….. tell you what, since you so tuff… you square up wit @Wack100… #McMumbles square up wit @BwsByrd & me & Lil meesha can catch our fade….. all that funeral talk u doing on ya gram ain't scaring nobody & its gone back fire on you #DickChasers #PhillyYallGotRatsMakinYallLookBad & yall ain't gotta worry bout @akademikstv 👈🏾 I'll do it this time !!!! #HowMuchYouGiveThemToSayWeWasntTherePussy #WeWasntInSouthPhilly #WeWasntInNorthPhilly #GuessWeGhostsThen #Foh 🐀 #iFuckWitPhilly #iJustHateRats

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