West Coast rapper Game has opened up about his past Los Angeles club fight against rival Ras Kass which went down last New Year’s Eve.

According to Game, Kass sparked their physical dispute.

“I beat up Ras Kass on New Year’s, so, other than that,” Game told radio host Big Boy. “I gave him 18 chances, I said ‘I don’t want no problems,’ and then I said, as I was walking away, he said, ‘You know what? I got a problem!’ — That’s how it happened. But I timed it. Just as the ball dropped, nobody heard it…Security drug him out like, ‘We got him Game!’ It’s cool…I always felt like he was one of the more underrated artists. That’s how I do. I’ll beat you up and give you props at the same time. He was one of the more underrated artists of the West Coast, he just never got his break.” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

After Ras initially announced the fight took place on New Year’s Day, Game responded to the accusations last January.

“Gave Rass Kass a 2-piece nugget meal in da club da otha night. He went down n da 1st round like last time. Same soft chin, Different clothes,” Game tweeted January 3.

“When will they learn. Game: goodlookin right hook, u dazed dat n!gga. Right hook: it wasnt nuttin blood, he soft ! Left hook: what about me ? Game: we aint need u.” (Game’s Twitter)

Ras later detailed what exactly went down at a club on New Year’s Eve.

Apparently, the two spitters ran into each other in the bathroom prior to the scuffle. Says Ras Kass, “He was saying, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and kissing my a**. If he had a problem with me, he could have talked to me in the bathroom. Game’s stories never add up. When you cross-examine him just ask him didn’t ya’ll see each other in the bathroom?” The tension escalated in the club when allegedly Game had an issue with a friend of Ras Kass. “I was telling my boy like, ‘not in here, let’s not do this here,'” he said. “I’m not going to be responsible for f*cking up a New Years Eve’s party. I already told him I’m not trippin’ off you in here. Then I said you lied the first time.” Ras Kass was referring to the last time the rappers clashed back in September, which resulted in a few diss tracks. (XXL Mag)

In late 2009, Kass explained where his problems with Game stemmed from.

“Our basic issue was that some n*ggas brown nosed the n*ggas because he was very successful,” Ras said in a phone interview. “I just knew his pedigree, I knew his background…He’s a stripper and he had blue contacts and blond hair, he got beat up a lot. Yeah, he had a tongue ring. You know, ‘Change of Heart,’ he didn’t have a tattoo, he had a Hawaiian shirt…That speaks volumes, I could see if that was like seven years ago but that was like, two years before he came out as the hardest n*gga on Earth. I was just like come on man, I’m not falling for it. A lot of n*ggas wasn’t falling for it but n*ggas like to play the politics groupie game and they stay brown nosing n*ggas that’s successful and because of the position 50 [Cent] put him in, since 50 didn’t have anything else to do at the time, and obviously he saw the ear of that [laughs] real quick. He put this n*gga on, he took off and then showed his true colors. 50 didn’t know his background, he was just a n*gga in the studio signed to [Dr.] Dre. He was a n*gga that could rap, not incredibly, but he could rap.” (“Street Disciplez Radio”)

Check out Game’s interview below: