West Coast rapper Game is ready to make things a hot summer with the new release of his name-dropping diss track called “Bigger Than Me.” #BiggerThanMe

On the record, Game puts up a fight against XXL Magazine and singles out Odd Future singer Frank Ocean‘s homosexuality.

Nice! The Game returns with his brand new single “Bigger Than Me”. This will land on his upcoming album “Blood Money La Familia”, which is scheduled to drop on September 16th. A video has been shot already and you can click here to see a quick clip from behind the scenes. He takes shots at XXL’s Freshman cover and tells Frank Ocean to go f*ck niggas. Crazy. (Envy The DJ)

The former G-Unit member also referenced BET’s popular cyphers.

“I came in with Ye’, Jeezy and boss a** n*ggas /Your freshmen cover a whole bunch of soft a** n*ggas /Tampon lyricists evacuate the premises /New BET cyphers cause I don’t wanna hear that sh*t /May you rest in piss you f*ck n*ggas /Aye Frank Ocean go ahead and f*ck these f*ck n*ggas” (“Bigger Than Me”)

Recent reports revealed the rap star teamed up with eOne for his next solo release.

Entertainment One Music is proud to announce a new marketing/ distribution deal with superstar The Game (Jayceon Taylor) through Blood Money La Familia/Fifth Amendment Ent./eOne Music. The new album, BLOOD MONEY LA FAMILIA, is scheduled to be released on September 16, 2014 with the first 2 singles “BIGGER THAN ME” and “OR NAH” dropping this month. The album is executive produced by long time Game associate Cash “Wack” Jones, and Stat Quo. (eOne Press Release)

Despite the perception, Game said he had not officially signed to Cash Money a few months ago.

“Right now, I’m just enjoying my free agency,” Game revealed in an interview. “I had talked to Birdman and we’re trying to figure out what it’s going to be, how it’s going to work. It definitely should work. I got a relationship with [Lil] Wayne, [Drake], Stunna, Slim, long relationship that goes back five, ten years. It’s just trying to figure out what’s best for Cash Money, what’s the best for Game at this point in his career. It’s pretty much family and that’s where I’m at, at this point. Of course nothing’s written in stone and that’s where I’m leaning.” (Civil TV)


Check out “Bigger Than Me”: