West Coast rapper Game has stepped forward to rip music publication Billboard for its “10 Greatest Rappers of All Time” list this week.

Game bashed the magazine’s Top 10 and came up with his own list.

Check out what Rick Ross had to say about the list on the next page…

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross blasted the magazine’s Top 10 in an interview a few days ago.

“It takes away from the authenticity of the magazine,” Ross said about the publication’s list. “I just looked and by the time I got to three, four, five and I realized I didn’t see Tupac Shakur, I said, ‘I’m at the fifth name and there’s no Tupac.’ This ain’t for me. These lists are not for people like me. This is another agenda for somebody else, not real hip-hop, rap lovers. I would have put Eazy-E over half those names. Eazy-E, Ruthless Records, don’t ever disrespect them. Don’t ever play yourself.” (“Skee TV”)

Ricky Rozay also talked about the influence late hip-hop mogul Eazy-E had on the music industry.

“I say Eazy-E, the brand he built himself, Eazy-E, of course,” Ross added. “N.W.A., of course. Ruthless Records. That’s what made the West. Ruthless Records.” (“Skee TV”)

Music veteran Snoop Dogg ripped the renowned publication for omitting late hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur from its Top 10 on Instagram this week.

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