West Coast rapper Game is the latest celebrity to speak out against H&M. The hip-hop veteran has publicly blasted the clothing line over its now-infamous racist advertisement.

The Los Angeles native went to Instagram Tuesday (January 9) and did not hold back his anger.

This entire message is BULLSHIT, the fact that they tried to sneak this in & thought no one would notice plays on the intelligence of not just African Americans but humans as a whole…. this entire company & chain of stores need to be shut down immediately & the way to do that is for all of us to stand together as a human race against this very BOLD racist campaign. Using children makes it that much worse !!! You mean to tell me, someone put a “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” hoodie on an African American child & a “Survival Expert” on a Caucasian child & no one from the photographer all the way to the CEO thought anything was wrong with releasing this dumb shit ?!?!?!? Just goes to show that racism still exists at a very high level & should not be tolerated in the modern day world we live in. Look around…. races blend peacefully everyday all around the world & I…. having travelled to so many places & met fans of every race & color won’t sit back without voicing my opinion & neither should you ! This was wrong from the start & I personally do not accept this weak ass apology written by some publicist & reviewed by a board of racist idiots before being plastered all over the internet to once again try to play us like we’re dumb ! We are REAL WOKE, FUCK #H&M……. no one should ever step foot in any of their stores ever again STARTING NOW !!!! Be apart of something STRONG… stand as ONE on issues & situations that need all of our attention.

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Earlier in the day, H&M issued a statement apologizing over an insensitive ad campaign.

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The announcement came hours after crooner The Weeknd cut ties with the company over its advertisement.

Over the last 48 hours, celebs have bashed H&M and unleashed their emotions.

This more like it 👑

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