West Coast rapper Game might start playing around with new rap aliases. The hip-hop veteran has officially crowned himself as the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

The Los Angeles native went to Instagram last night with a beyond late #ManCrushMonday-type post.

Last Sunday, the hip-hop vet hit up Instagram with deep words to his son Harlem Taylor and even apologized for his early career responsibilities taking up some of their time together.

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16 years ago today I became a father for the 1st time. At that moment, I had no idea on what to do, how to do it or what fatherhood would truly entail. But no matter what it was, I felt deep in my soul I was ready. Battle tested, rough childhood & all… I was ready. I let love be my guide & dove in head first learning more & more about parenting along the way. I named you Harlem because that’s the 1st city in New York I had ever been to & during my time there, I felt it’s strength, culture & I learned a lot of its history so I felt it appropriate for my 1st born. It’s been 16 years & not once have a failed you or not been there when you needed me. I know I was missing in the beginning due to my early career tours, shows etc…. but I knew you were a baby & that by the time you could understand what was going on, you wouldn’t remember me ever not being by your side. You are & have always been my strength & the true motivation behind everything that I have been able to achieve in my career & life. If you weren’t born who knows where I’d be in life, but I am 100% positive it wouldn’t be here, as I didn’t even know how to properly love or appreciate anything til I met you. 16 years later & wow… look at you !!! Smart, beautiful & everything I imagined you would be. We made it this far together & we’ve got a lifetime to go. Catch every tear, trace every step, listen as well as learn, love whole heartedly & never stop loving you… not even for a split second is how I parent. You are everything to me boy & I hope that I’ve truly made you happy on your birthday son. God knows I gave it my all – Dad #Happy16BdayHarlem @harlemtaylorr 👈🏾 I NEED EVERYBODY TO HIT THE FOLLOW FOR MY 1ST BORN ON HIS DAY !!!

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Hours prior, Game shared epic-looking birthday performance footage of Blueface and Tee Grizzley holding down his son.