West Coast rapper Game is ready for a full-packed holiday season after announcing plans to finish up his upcoming Year of the Wolf solo album and follow it up with the long-awaited Documentary 2 project.

According to the former Aftermath Records stud, his next album will arrive this October.

“Hood morning (no typo): Spent the last 48 hours in the studio putting the final touches on #YearOfTheWolf & even though the date is pushed until Oct 14th I can promise my fans this #BloodMoney album will be better than anything else dropping this year ! Thanks for everyone who was apart of it & shout to my hittas @OfficialYonni & @MoussaGArt for grinding with to make the last minute changes to put this album in the can….. #YearOfTheWolf is finally done !!!!!,” Game captioned to a photo August 28. (Game’s Instagram)

The platinum-selling rapper also updated fans on the follow-up to 2005’s The Documentary.

“Now on to “The Documentary 2” dropping January 18th…. Exactly 10 years from “The Documentary”….. Nobody is fucking with 2 !!!!!!!!! So don’t drop nowhere near me….. You’ve been warned ! For the people out there like me…. I salute all who are relentless at defying the odds to ensure their own success. Those who dream while still awake…. It is us that hold the keys to the future, keep grinding.. #BloodMoney” (Game’s Instagram)

The former G-Unit member dished on a fan opportunity to create his LP’s artwork a few weeks ago.

“#FanAppreciation : As I told y’all a few days ago.. I’m doing a contest to let my fans design my @bloodmoneylafamilia #YearOfTheWolf album cover dropping September 30th… The best one so far is still @Jalani_’s but here’s another entry from @Tagil45SC that’s simple, not too much & will be considered once all entries are in. If you’re an artist & you thin you can kill the cover….. Take your best shot & when you’re done… Tag me, @bloodmoneylafamilia @kingspleasure as well as @jonathanmannion & hashtag #YearOfTheWolf & I will see it & go through them all to we find a WINNER !,” Game captioned to a cover August 3. (Game’s Instagram)

Along with announcing the LP’s title, Game recently discussed what fans could expect from his project.

“It’s called Year Of The Wolf,” Game revealed in an interview. “People pretty much are terrified of wolves. Wolves howl. They scream and do all of that. And I just feel like this year I got a lot to get off my chest. And with this album, man, I’m going in on a lot of people. A lot of issues. A lot of stuff. I got very angry artists that I’m signing. It’s a whole angry movement. We taking over lemonade stands. … This is Los Angeles, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a lot of f*ckery going on out here. And I’m tired of people walking around. Hitting the red carpets and feeling like they Madonna when you Ma-thot-a. Basically, what I’ma do is I’m exposing everything. Everything, everybody can get it. It’s like one of them tell-all books, but in music form. You want to get this album, September 16.” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)