West Coast rapper Game may have to keep dreaming if he wants to be a part of the G-Unit reunion after reportedly dissing 50 Cent‘s crew during a recent concert.

Footage of the former group member going at the Unit has surfaced online this week.

In what seems like a never ending saga, Game is apparently upset with 50 Cent and G-Unit yet again. During a recent show, Game took the time to change up the lyrics to his classic song, “How We Do,” and added in “F*ck G-Unit, they can suck my d*ck,” before continuing on with the performance. Though Game and G-Unit have had a number of issues over the years, it’s odd he would say this now, because last month on Power 106 he said it was cool the crew was back together again. (Complex)

Although the Unit had fallen apart in recent years, reunited member Young Buck recently promised his band of brothers were built to win for years to come.

“Don’t look for the downfall of G-Unit,” the rapper said. “Cause you’ll be looking for a long God damn time. You understand? But looking for the success of G-Unit you’ll get what you want to see real quick. But looking for the downfall homie you gon’ be stuck…Don’t pray on our downfall or look for it. Look for the success. Look for the good music. Look for the positive energy. And that’s what you gon’ get. Because even if you ain’t looking for it that’s what you gon’ get.” (This Is 50)

Coincidentally, Game recently admitted he could only applaud Fif’s reuniting effort.

“I saw the picture and really instantly thought that that was cool of him with all the money he got because he don’t need music no more to give [Lloyd] Banks, [Tony] Yayo and definitely [Young] Buck ’cause that’s my partner, the chance to go back out there and do shows, make money. G-Unit, the name, will pack a building. They get to split that up and that was my first and only thought on it.” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

He also briefly reflected on being a part of the Unit a decade ago.

“At this point in my career, I think when G-Unit was at its strongest point I was a member of it and we did what we did and I think that we moved on from that,” Game added. “They’re doing their thing and I’m good.” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

Check out the footage: