West Coast rapper Game is far from removed from his recent dispute with Rich Gang’s Young Thug and fired a direct shot at him during a live performance this week.

Footage of Game dissing Thugger during a taping of “Skee TV Live” has surfaced.

“Since I was 10 years old, I was a young Blood. These days y’all n*ggas got Young Thug,” rapped Game. “Y’all rappers wear skirts. My rappers type of rappers used to put n*ggas in a hearse. Since I was 10, I was a young Blood. These days y’all n*ggas got Young Thug. Y’all favorite rappers wear skirts. My favorite rappers used to put motherf*ckers in a hearse.” (Skee TV Live)

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Game poked fun at Thugger in an Instagram post in late September.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.42.48 AM

Thugger wasted little time and lashed back at Game with an Instagram post.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.45.10 AM

Footage of Thugger ripping Game for talking about him in a new interview surfaced a couple weeks ago.

#YoungThug was not happy with #TheGame's Breakfast Club interview where Game discussed their very short-lived beef

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#YoungThug upset with #TheGame for saying "it got real" when #TheGame came to Atlanta while they were beefing

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#PressPlay: How the #YoungThug and #TheGame's beef reignited via @iamakademiks

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Back in May, Thug apologized for going at Game over a video clip.

“See the way the world works, they want all blacks to kill each other. But we’re not. Black lives matter, so I salute Game, I respect him, and I’m sorry for making that wrong post about him. Even though he was wrong and he was in the wrong business, and taking up for a ni**a that wasn’t taking up for himself, it’s all good.” (YouTube)