West Coast rapper Game recently talked about his infatuation with tattoos and why, notably, he decided to get a now-infamous one placed onto his face.

Asked about his butterfly-turned-Los Angeles intials-turned-star, the former G-Unit member blamed his youth and state-of-mind at the time for inspiring the facial ink.

“You know what, when I was growing up, if you did something within the confines of the gang you were from, and you were able to get a tattoo in a certain space and I don’t know, I thought that reward was pretty cool. So I got my first tattoo, which was the tear drop, for doing the wrong thing and after that it was tattoo after tattoo. I probably got about 100. Over 100. [The face tattoo?] I really, really was an idiot at that point in my life. It’s a star with ‘LA’, putting on for my city.” (“Larry King Now”)

Last year, Game joking talked about sports icon Magic Johnson donning some facial ink.

“Yo, man. I was gonna recommend that Magic gets the same tattoo I have but just the blue star. I think that’d be so cool. I talked to [Dodgers star] Matt Kemp in the club a couple of weeks ago,” Game said in an interview. “I even brought that up, that Magic should get a face tat. He was like, ‘I don’t know.’ Hopefully, man. He’s gonna see what he can do. I think it’d be dope. We’ll see. It’s Magic. Stars are affiliated with magic. Even at Disneyland, when Mickey wears the little magic hat, it’s got stars on it. So what I’m saying is it might be a good look for Magic, man.” (ESPN)

In 2011, the platinum-selling rapper talked about Atlanta’s Gucci Mane sporting an ice cream tattoo.

“I seen Gucci’s new face tat and as soon I did, I thought ‘finally they can get off me about his butterfly/star/LA sh*t.’ That’s what I thought. But you know what man, I don’t give a f*ck about what they say about anybody, a muthaf*cka could tattoo a butterfly, ice cream cone, apple pie on their cheek. Bottom-line, if you know Gucci, you know he’s real. He been on trial for his life and all of that. He bodied people. So he could tattoo a f*ckin’ tampon on his face for all I care. You can’t say he’s buster or whatever. And me I done been shot, stole sh*t, robbed people, everyth-f*ckin’-thing you can think of. Tattoos don’t mean sh*t, they ain’t nothing but good art.” (VIBE)

Back in summer 2011, tattoo addict Machine Gun Kelly sat down with SOHH and opened up on facial ink.

“Nah dude, nah, no ice creams on my face,” Kelly told SOHH referring to Gucci Mane’s publicized face ink. “I’m trying to score those movie roles, man. I’m trying to be on the big screen like I’m f*cking Ronald Reagan, f*cking Harrison Ford. [laughs] I mean, hmmm… Tom Cruise. Leonardo DiCaprio. As soon as I lay the major movie role where I’m satisfied, like, never having to be in a movie again, I’m going to tattoo the sh*t out of my whole body.” (SOHH)

Check out Game’s interview: