West Coast rapper Game is looking to put on for folks. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to announce plans to put out a series of mixtapes in the coming days.

Game Day

Last night, the Los Angeles native hit up Instagram with the big announcement. Game said he would release a series of new mixtapes in support of upcoming musicians from all genres.

“TAG AN ARTIST Yooooo…. May 26th imma be dropping a different volume a day we lit, was gonna originally drop 1 tape on June 16th but due to the high volume of artists & the dope music I’ve been hearing we had to push the date up to start giving these artists, producers an avenue to showcase their talent. Then in late June imma do another set of series. I know quarantine got everybody in the crib, bored out they mf mind so that’s why I decided to present the opportunity to y’all to be apart of these mixtape volumes. I want to get y’all heard & trust and believe I know the underground hustle/struggle when you tryna get your music in the right ears so I’m listening. Might fuck around & find the next big artist while I’m at it….. [ANY SHOWS, BOOKINGS ETC….. hit @wack100 DM for that]… this is strictly for up & coming artists ONLY… so, if you know dope artists, rappers, singers, producers etc… TAG EM BELOW & have em DM 💯” -Game’s Instagram

Game announces he’ll be releasing a series of new mixtapes

At-Home Vibes

Last weekend, the California rapper shared a throwback shot of retired Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson. Game hinted at the serious need for a haircut.

“How I look in the mirror every morning during quarantine.” -Game’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In early May 2020, Game went online to share a look at his fancy Lamborghini. He also joked about driving down the street becoming his latest hobby during the coronavirus epidemic.

“Driving down the street acting like I got somewhere to go & coming back home has become a hobby 🤣😷 #StayHome#StaySafe” -Game’s Instagram

Before You Go

In April 2020, Chuck Taylor channeled his inner model. The California native shared a shot of himself rocking some Fashion Nova men’s apparel and promised more of these types of pics to come while standing in front of a red Lamborghini.

“She said she hate n*ggas wit six packs… I said, give them muscle neck n*ggas a chance, while warming up my pop-tarts…. handsome fat boy sh*t this week in my @fashionnovamen #QuarantineLife#GymRightThere #PopTartsCloserTho#OpenUpOutsideNowBihhhhh#ImGoneEatHerLikeTheGroceryStoreLockedUp 🤷🏾‍♂️” -Game’s Instagram