West Coast rapper Game has addressed recent footage which hit the Internet showing his kids getting beer thrown at them during a Los Angeles concert last month.

Game said the incident at Club Nokia could have become critical if he were the same person he was five years ago.

“Yeah, that’s another thing I ain’t gonna talk about,” Game said in an interview. “You know it happened, you know every now and then if you believe in God, you gotta believe in the Devil. Sometimes sh*t happens and you just kind of have to look it off. If it was 2005 that dude would’ve been in the hospital and I’d have been sued for a million dollars by now. But it ain’t. And the beer didn’t really hit my kids, he just threw it our way, it hit me, but I aint tripping off that. But if anything happens to my kids, those are my kids. I will die for them and kill you for them. Point blank, period. When it comes to my kids, everything else goes out the window, out the world, and just out of my life and I don’t give a f*ck. When it comes to my kids I will definitely kill you, by myself.” (Complex)

The incident took place in late July while surrounded by his Black Wall Street entourage.

“Aw, h*ll no!” The Game hollered, “Whoever threw a beer at me while I’m holding my child, you about to get f*cked up, and I’m about to get sued!” After finishing his encore, that consisted mainly of the L.A. classic, ” One Blood,” The Game brought his two sons, Harlem (Age 7) and King (Age 3) out on stage to meet the audience. Game gave a warm thank-you to all his fans, and made his kids thank the audience for ‘paying for their private school.’ King bashfully and adorably told every one ‘thanks’ amidst applause, as his father held him proudly. Out of nowhere, a full cup of beer flew across the club, and landed right in King’s face. Someone in the audience thought it would be funny to throw a beer at The Game while he was holding his child; which in actuality was not at all humorous. (CWG Magazine)

Game has always shown affection toward his family members, most notably his mother.

“She always wanted me to do this and do the right thing but I was always f*cking up and couldn’t get it right until now. She expresses her gratitude — and how happy she is of all my accomplishments…I’m pretty sure she listens to every single records because you never know, she might think I’ll diss her one day so she’ll be locked in waiting for the beef. Me and my moms, we had beef for a long time. When we beef, we beef, man. She don’t really comment on my music — but I love my mom to death and she don’t judge me, she don’t judge my music.” (Rap-Up)

The rapper is currently prepping the release of his next album, R.E.D., which is currently scheduled for an August 24th release.

“I pushed my album back so it would land on Kobe’s #’s …. 8 & 24 n it’s year 10′ n that was his Olympic #. R.E.D. In stores 8-24-10 ! #KOBE.” (Game’s Twitter)

Check out footage from the incident below: