West Coast rapper Game reportedly decided to attend a party hosted by G-Unit boss 50 Cent after learning about his attendance last weekend in California.

According to reports, Game and 50’s presence at Hollywood’s Playhouse did not happen by coincidence last Saturday (March 19).

It started out rocky … Game couldn’t get into Playhouse in Hollywood, though it’s unclear why. Eventually he got in and racked up a $7,800 bill. Although 50 was inside the club, we don’t know if the 2 interacted, but the promoter says Game called and said he wanted to come after learning 50 would be there. (TMZ)

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Details of the unexpected gathering bubbled online early Sunday (March 20).


50 Cent & The Game were in the same club tonight at PlayHouse Hollywood. Before Game came to the club, his manager Wack 100 came to talk to 50 telling 50 that they’re cool. The Game ordered 30 bottles of 50’s #effenvodka but neither 50 or Game approached each other. (Forbez DVD)

Last week, Game penned a now-deleted post about drinking 50’s Effen Vodka beverage.

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Recently, G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid spoke to SOHH about the possibility of Game and 50 reuniting.

“I’m not going to say I’ve tried but I have tried to get the [small stuff] out the way. There’s been too many behind-the-scenes and f*cked up sh*t that occurred that I don’t think 50 will ever fix it. The Game has always been cool. I found The Game, so I’ve always had that cool relationship with him because I discovered him. So he’s always been more cool with Young Buck and Lloyd Banks. I don’t think he genuinely has beef with them, he only has had a problem with Fif so it’s almost like a joint package. If you have a beef with the head guy, then you got beef with the other guys.” (SOHH)